How I Became A MarTech and CX Expert

I know a lot about marketing technology and customer experience, and how to marry the two.

My path is a complicated one, but has 5 distinct phases:

Retail Phase

I came up through the ranks at Macy’s, before Amazon ate their lunch. It taught me how to run an 8 figure business at an early age, where you had to hit your numbers every day. But I couldn’t see myself in retail for 30 years plus I decided marketing and CRM was a better career path.

Startup Phase

I jumped ship and worked at a series of ill-fated startups. But they taught me the value of speed and a bias for action.

Marketing Phase

I then took on a cross-functional marketing role for Galyan’s, acquired by DICK’S Sporting Goods. Initially running credit, direct, interactive, loyalty, and email marketing plus business intelligence, I ended up as the head of marketing during the transition to DKS.

Loyalty Technology Phase

My deep loyalty experience translated nicely to Loyalty Lab, a SaaS loyalty technology company acquired by TIBCO. Initially running marketing, I ended up as President then COO, finally taking a CMO title in the runup to the acquisition.

At TIBCO, I ended up as a global presales subject matter expert, flying around the world to pitch our technology stack from a marketing and customer perspective.

Agency Phase

I rejoined Hedgehog after doing some work with its partners during my Startup Phase. My enterprise sales and marketing expertise meshed nicely with the team and the company’s growth stage.

At Hedgehog I work with prospects and clients on their web content management needs, primarily working on the Sitecore Experience Platform. WCM has morphed into customer experience as a whole, since web is really the foundation for everything else.

We also sell commercial software under the Team Development For Sitecore brand, adding a practitioner role to the mix. A combination of content, event, SEM, SEO, and outbound marketing drives the business.

Other Info

I also happen to know a lot about wine and will occasionally spout off about it. I bought a old apple orchard, so I guess I’m also technically a farmer, albeit a bad one.